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When I founded DSR North West in 2020, I set out with one main goal, to provide an honest and trustworthy service.

After 12 years working at a Dealership I started my new venture, I opened my own Vehicle Repair Workshop covering Auto electrics and all other repairs across all makes and models. I take pride in my work and always take the time to get to know my customers. With no smoke-screens or mirrors in my way, I am able to deal with my customers on a one-to-one basis, offering excellent quality work and service at a reasonable price.

Whether your vehicle is old or new, I am here to fix any problem you may have.


I understand how important your car is to you and during my years at a dealership I have been lucky enough to build an unparalleled foundation of knowledge through rigorous training. My craft is my pride so you can feel comfortable knowing you are leaving your car with a professional who really cares.

Engine Work
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